Meet the team

The AGRI Project team is made up of a number of Innovation Specialists from both universities. The expertise that our specialists have is vast and covers a wide array of areas in which we can provide support. In order to ensure the support and knowledge we provide is of the highest quality, we are also able to work with the academics from both universities to enable us to provide an even more in depth and specialised service that truly is bespoke to each company’s individual needs.

Project Directors

Professor David Webb

Project Director

Professor Michael Lee

Deputy Project Director

Project Managers

Martin Grant

Project Manager

Dr. Eric Siqueiros

Innovation Manager

Business Development

Professor Edward Sweeney

Supply Chain Innovation Lead

Valentina Barker

Business Development Manager

Innovation Specialists

Ian Rickuss

Innovation Specialist (3d Printing)

Raghavan Chinnambedu Murugesan

Research Associate (Photonics)

Tanya Postles

Innovation Specialist (Food)

Project Support

Nadira Begum

Project Administrator

Melissa Sambrook

Project Officer

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