Meet the Team: Raghavan Chinnambedu Murugesan- Research Associate

Hi, I am Raghavan Chinnambedu Murugesan, a Materials Scientist with over 15 years experience in the  field of chemistry, materials and photonics. I have substantial knowledge in the development of unique nano to bulk materials along with materials characterization, device fabrication and testing for range of electronic, optical and optoelectronic applications.

I specialized in photonic technologies for Agri/food development research. For example, in the laboratory I have expertise in the use spectroscopic and other optical sensing techniques, for quality assessment to ensure food safety. In the field, I have expertise in developing prototypes of hand-held optical sensors for non-destructive food analysis and rapid detection of food contamination, adulteration, and determination of food borne pathogens.   

I am very happy to support and assist SMEs for project consultation, testing products, developing ideas and joint collaborations for innovative project proposals.

My hobbies include watching drama programs, adventurous cooking and trips with family. For leisure, I like to spend most of the time with family activities.

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