Meet the Team: Dr Trisha Toop

Whilst we are not able to operate the way we would normally by getting out and about and meeting companies face to face, we thought we would do the next best thing… team introductions!

Over the next month or two, we will post a series of short questionnaires that have been answered by the AGRI team. Hopefully you will feel like you are getting to know us a little bit better!

Today we are introducing you to Dr Trisha Toop, our fabulous Innovation Manager.

What is your name?

Trisha Toop

What is your role on the project?

Innovation Manager

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I am a total tech geek. I love new tech and am one of those people that are waiting for the latest gadget to be released.

What do you like most about working with SMEs as part of the AGRI Project?

I love the variety of companies we help and how much it challenges me to use all of my knowledge and experience to help them.

What has been your favourite / proudest moment on the project?

There have been so many…. Getting follow on funding to be able to keep helping companies in the region was a really great moment for me. But I also feel proud every time I see a product on the shelf that we have helped develop or see a prototype work.

What’s so great about the AGRI Project?

We give ono-to-one tailored support to companies focusing on what they need most.

Favourite food?

Pasta…..any type of pasta. I would eat it for every meal!!!

You are in a coffee shop … what do you order?

Skinny caramel latte

Favourite place in the world?

Home….. we moved this year into a rural cottage with lots to do and I love everything about it.

If you would like to ask Trisha a question related to your business or the support we provide, you can get in touch using the below contact button.

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